Social Host Law

On March 27, 2012, the Watertown Youth Coalition, held a social host liability informational session, “What Every Parent Should Know About Social Host Liability”.  The session sought to educate parents, youth, and community members about the social host law and the legal/social consequences of providing or serving alcohol to minors (those under the age of 21) or allowing drinking in their home.  Penalties incurred can be civil (being sued) and criminal (jail time) depending on the severity of the injury and/or damage. The speakers highlighted the importance of understanding that parents can be held responsible if minors are drinking in their home, even if parents are not aware of the drinking, and a youth harms themselves or others. Presenters included Brooke Lane, Middlesex County Assistant District Attorney, and Christopher Parkenson, Attorney-at-law, Campbell, Campbell, Edward & Conroy.



PICTURE: Pictured left to right are Christopher Parkenson, WYC Program Coordinator Stephanie Sunderland-Ramsey, Watertown Schools Physical Education & Health Coordinator Donna Ruseckas, WHS Student Resource Officer Kerry Kelley, and Brooke Lane.