“I Am” Video

Below is content from an article in the Watertown Tab May 30,2014

The Watertown Youth Coalition, a program of Wayside Youth & Family Support Network would like to recognize the hard work of their Peer Leaders, a group of informed, dependable, open-minded and dedicated Watertown High students who recognize and accept people for who they are. They are committed to making healthy choices and representing those decisions at school and in the community.

Peer leaders take on many roles, working with teachers, students, parents and community members to run activities, promote diversity and acceptance and role model positive behavior. They develop surveys, lead presentations and help prevent substance abuse among youth in Watertown. Over the past two years, the Peer Leaders have dedicated countless hours creating the “I Am” campaign. The “I Am” campaign is about recognizing a part of yourself that you feel good about and are proud to share with others.

This year, 20+ students produced a short corresponding film that promotes healthy decision making, addresses alternatives to risky behaviors such as underage drinking, and emphasizes positive behaviors to replace substance abuse. These students have shared ways to maintain that identity both in real life and in the online representation of themselves.


For more information on the Watertown Youth Coalition, or if you are interested in joining Peer Leadership, please contact Sara Berkowitz, Peer Leadership Advisor. (sara_berkowitz@waysideyouth.org)