About Watertown Youth Coalition

Our Mission

Watertown Youth Coalition’s mission is to support the wellness and empowerment of Watertown youth by engaging young people, families, and community.


Watertown Youth Coalition (WYC), overseen by Wayside Multi-Service Center, is a community coalition of youth, parents, school, health, police, fire, town government representatives, social service and medical professionals, clergy, local business owners and community members – all of whom are committed to promoting healthy and positive lifestyles among Watertown youth. Find out how you can get involved>>

Current members include individuals from the following organizations:

  • Watertown Public Schools
  • Parent Teacher Organizations
  • Wayside Youth & Family Support Network
  • Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates
  • Watertown Health Department
  • Watertown Police Department
  • Watertown Boys & Girls Club
  • Watertown Housing Authority
  • Watertown Town Council
  • Schneider Institute for Health Policy at Brandeis University

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Laura Kurman, MA, LMFT, CPS

Senior Program Director of Watertown/Wayside Multi-Service Center

Laura oversees prevention, education and outreach programs. She has over 30 years of substance abuse prevention experience in a supervisory capacity and has been awarded multiple state and federal public health grants focused on prevention, youth development and health and wellness promotion. She is an experienced psychotherapist and holds a license in Marriage and Family Therapy and is a Certified Prevention Specialist. She enjoys helping youth and families enhance their health and happiness. In her spare time, Laura enjoys bike riding, kayaking, spending time with her family, and going to the beach.

Stephanie Sunderland-Ramsey

WYC Program Coordinator

Stephanie has been Program Coordinator for the Watertown Youth Coalition at Wayside Multi-Service Center since October of 2000.  Stephanie’s passion for working with youth started when she was an adolescent herself, teaching art classes at the local Boys & Girls Club.  After receiving a degree in Psychology at University of Massachusetts, Stephanie has consistently focused on psycho-educational and prevention programming.  She is pleased to work in the Watertown community where she collaborates with youth and other adults who are also focused on the health of youth in the community.  Stephanie’s favorite activities are pilates, running, reading and excursions with her children.

Zhane Goode

Prevention Specialist, WYC Peer Leadership Advisor

Zhane advises the Peer Leaders of Watertown, helping advocate for racial and gender equity through community awareness and prevention projects. Her interest in community building started at Northeastern University while studying criminal justice and psychology.  She researched protective factors and programs beneficial to youth development and building community ties.  She also teaches Youth Mental Health First Aid.   Zhane was also a Peer Leader in Waltham as a youth. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a WYC Peer Leader, please contact Zhane at zhane_goode@waysideyouth.org .

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Watertown Youth Coalition is currently funded and supported by:

  • Massachusetts Department of Public Health – Bureau of Substance Addiction Services
  • U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration – Center for Substance Abuse Prevention and Center for Mental Health Services
  • Watertown Community Foundation
  • Town of Watertown Watertown Public Schools
  • Wayside Multi-Service Center

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