More About the Multi


The Multi Service Center provides prevention, outreach, and counseling services to the diverse populations of Watertown, Belmont, Waltham, and surrounding communities. Using a racial & gender equity and social justice lens, the Multi embraces the development and enhancement of resiliency skills to enable youth and adults to effectively respond to personal and community issues. 

Funding and programming is provided by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) Bureau of Substance Addiction Services, the US Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration Center for Mental Health Services, the Centers for Disease Control, the City of Watertown, the Watertown Community Foundation, and various other local organizations. Mass Health is accepted for mental health counseling services. 

The Wayside Mission: 

Wayside’s mission is “Empowering children, young adults, and families to achieve independence and emotional well-being.”We are committed to and affirm our support of individuals representing different races, ethnicities, abilities, sexual orientations, and religions. 

The Wayside Story: 

Wayside’s story began in 1977 when a group of citizens formed Harbinger House- one of the first residences in New England for runaway and homeless youth. Over the years, the Wayside network has incorporated a number of long-standing local community organizations. They share Wayside’s commitment to helping children and families of the region, complimenting Wayside’s overall spectrum of care. Today, Wayside is one of Massachusetts’ most respected child and family serving providers.


Wayside Multi’s Programs

Belmont Wellness Coalition & The Belmont Student Ambassador Program:

The Belmont Wellness Coalition uses education and empowerment to prevent and reduce substance misuse to promote healthy choices and positive decision-making among Belmont youth. BWC consists of partners from town agencies (School, Library, Police, Fire, Belmont Against Racism, etc), committed parents and clergy, and most recently, Belmont High School students through the Student Ambassador Program. These students work with the Coalition to implement town-wide prevention strategies that reduce youth use of alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs.

BWC is also committed to addressing racism, inequity, and unjust treatment – problems which can heighten the risk of mental health disorders and substance misuse in youth. In support of our efforts to reduce youth substance misuse, we work to strengthen the knowledge of community members and challenge the ideas and systems that perpetuate these negative practices and consequences.

 Learn more on the BWC website!  


Social Service Resource Specialist (SSRS):

The Social Service Resource Specialist (SSRS) provides a central access point for  Watertown residents- ages 18-59- and their families to connect with social service resources for their identified needs; including fuel, food, housing assistance, counseling information, and referrals. For appointments, call 617-744-9585. 

SSRS Flyer

Navigating to Emotional Wellness (NEW): 

Watertown and Waltham Residents, ages 6-22 and their families, who have experienced a traumatic event are connected to counseling and support services. Available in  English, Spanish, Portuguese, and other languages as needed. For questions or more information about the NEW Program, contact Lauren Morton at

Youth, Adult, and Teen Mental Health First Aid:

Workshop participants learn how to assist youth and adults experiencing a mental health challenge or crisis. Trainings reach school personnel, higher education faculty, students, veterans, parents, first responders, and others. 

For more information, contact

Community Innovations: 

This early intervention program partners primarily with Watertown Public Schools, Watertown Boys & Girls Club, and other community players to identify 6th-12th graders most susceptible to substance misuse. Youth participate in groups that help build skills to identify and utilize positive coping strategies. For questions or more information, contact Christina Lupica at


Wayside clinicians provide outpatient services for young people and their families who need support dealing with a variety of mental health needs. For appointments, call 781-966-5665 . 

Youth Development Outreach:

Children and teens, ages 6-16 who live in Watertown’s public housing developments, participate in weekly after-school enrichment activities- including creative arts, relationship-building games and activities, cooking, and community service projects. Services currently run at Willow Park and Lexington Gardens. Contact: 

Internships for Social Work Students: 

Each year, Wayside welcomes a large group of student interns from social work, counseling psychology, marriage & family therapy and expressive therapy programs, to name a few. Field placements are divided into community services and residential & day services. At the Multi, Social Work Interns participate in SSRS, Youth Development Outreach, and WYC Peer Leadership programs. Additionally, they provide short-term counseling to students at Watertown Middle School under the supervision of the WMS guidance department and Wayside clinicians. 

Learn more about the Wayside Social Work internships here !